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Introduction to computer

• Introduction • Generation of computer • Benefit of computer system • Hardware and software • Input devices (bios: Basic input output system, cmos. Real time clock) • Output devices • Input and output devices • Computer memory

Use of computer

• Use in home • Use in Business • Education use • Health care • e-governance use • online shopping and e-commerce • Internet banking • Online booking

Operating System

• Overview • Graphical user interface (GUI) and command line interface (CLI) • Windows 10: Introduction • Windows 10: control panel and software installation • Windows 10: basic application and utilities • Search method

Introduction to MS Office - MS Word

Opening & Saving files, Editing text documents• Inserting• Deleting• Cut• Copy• Paste• Undo• Redo• Find• Search• Replace• Formatting page & setting Margins• Converting files to different formats• Importing & Exporting documents• Sending files to others• Using Tool bars• Ruler• Using Icons• using help• Formatting Documents - Setting Font styles• Font selection- style• size• color etc.• Type face - Bold• Italic• Underline• Highlighting• Special symbols• Setting Paragraph style• Alignments• Indents• Line Space• Margins• Bullets & Numbering. Setting Page style - Formatting Page• Page tab• Margins• Layout settings• Border & Shading• Columns• Header & footer• – Shortcut Keys; Setting Document styles• Table of Contents• Index• Page Numbering• date & Time• Author etc.• Creating Master Documents• Web page. Creating Tables- Table settings• Borders• Alignments• Insertion• deletion• Merging• Drawing - Inserting Clip Arts• Pictures/Files etc.• Tools – Word Completion• Spell Checks• Mail merge• Templates• Creating Contents for books• Creating Letter/Faxes• Creating Web pages• Using Wizards• Tracking Changes• Security• Digital Signature. Printing Documents – Shortcut keys.

Introduction to MS Office – MS Excel)

MS Excel: Spread Sheet & its Applications• Opening Spreadsheet• Menus - main menu• Formula Editing• Formatting• Toolbars• Using Icons• Using help• Shortcuts• Spreadsheet types. Working with Spreadsheets- opening• Saving files• setting Margins• Converting files to different formats (importing• Exporting• sending files to others)• Spread sheet addressing - Rows• Columns & Cells• Referring Cells & Selecting Cells – Shortcut Keys. Entering & Deleting Data- Entering data• Cut• Copy• Paste• Undo• Redo• Filling Continuous rows• columns• Highlighting values• Find• Search & replace• Inserting Data• Insert Cells• Column• rows & sheets• Symbols• Data from external files• Frames• Clipart• Pictures• Files etc.• Inserting Functions• Manual breaks• Setting Formula - finding total in a Column or row• Mathematical operations (Addition• Subtraction• Multiplication• Division•)• Using other Formulae. Formatting Spreadsheets- Labeling columns & rows• Formatting- Cell• row• column & Sheet• Category - Alignment• Font• Border & Shading• Hiding/ Locking Cells• Formatting layout for Graphics• Clipart etc.• Worksheet Row & Column Headers• Sheet Name• Row height & Column width• Visibility - Row• Column• Sheet• Security• Sheet Formatting & style• Sheet background• Color etc.• Borders & Shading – Shortcut keys. Working with sheets – Sorting• Filtering• Validation• and Subtotal. Creating Charts - Drawing. Printing. Using Tools – Error checking• Spell Checks• Formula• Pivot Tables• Changes• Security• Customization.

Introduction to MS Office-MS Power Point

MS Power point: Introduction to presentation – Opening new presentation• Different presentation Templates• setting backgrounds• selecting presentation layouts. Creating a presentation - Setting Presentation style• adding text to the Presentation. Formatting a Presentation - Adding style• Color• gradient fills• Arranging objects• Adding Header & Footer• Slide Background• Slide layout. Adding Graphics to the Presentation- Inserting pictures• movies• tables etc. into presentation• Drawing Pictures using draw. Adding Effects to the Presentation- Setting Animation• Generating Standalone Presentation viewer.

Introduction to MS Access

Overview of MS Access

Introduction to MS Outlook

Overview of MS outlook

Other Content:

DVD• Anti-Virus• smart phone operating system• control panel• software installing• firewall•

Networking Content:

overview of networking• use of networking• cable• RJ45


• History • Internet • www • web browser • URL • DNS • Intranet • Connection to internet

Use of internet

• Web site search • E-Mail • Chat • Blog and social networking • E-commerce • Cloud storage • Increases use of internet

Internet and Web Browsers:

नDefinition & History of Internet - Web- Addressing-URL-Different types of Internet Connections; Dial up connection• Broadband Cable)• Wireless ( Wi-Fi• WiMax• Satellite• Mobile) browsers and its types• internet browsing• searching - Search Engines - Portals - Social Networking sites- Blogs - Viewing a webpage• downloading and uploading the website; creating an email-ID• e-mail reading• Saving• printing• forwarding and deleting the mails• checking the mails• viewing and running file Attachments• --- top rs cit education traning center Institutes in jalore

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